Benjamin Merlin Bumpus


October 1, 2022

is a faculty research scientist and the lead of algorithms subprojects within the GATAS lab.

The main character in the stories I tell is Complexity and I mean this in the broadest sense: I am interested in classifying different kinds of complexity (structural, algorithmic, behavioral, etc.) and in understanding how complexity arises. The main focus of my work is the emergence of complexity and how this relates to the mathematics of Compositionality (the philosophical contention that the structure or meaning of the whole depends on that of its parts).

In this context, the stories I am interested in are often set in the land of computational complexity where combinatorial explosion guides and motivates deep insights in graph structure theory, parameterized complexity theory and finite model theory. I use category theory to better understand how the profound tools developed in the above areas relate to each other and to understand how far they can be pushed and generalized.