Decapodes.jl is a graphical tool for the composition of physical systems.
This library includes tooling which takes advantage of the formalization of physical theories described by DEC provided by CombinatorialSpaces.jl.

Point vortices spiraling


Project Team

Name Member Since Degree Program
Luke Morris 2021 PhD CISE
Matt Cuffaro 2023 N/A Research Software Engineer
George Rauta 2022 MS CISE
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Project Articles

  • Decapodes: A diagrammatic tool for representing, composing, and computing spatialized partial differential equations
    Luke Morris, Andrew Baas, Jesus Arias, Maia Gatlin, Evan Patterson, James P. Fairbanks
    Journal of Computational Science (2024)
    Details DOI Preprint
  • A Diagrammatic Presentation of Equations in Categories
    Kevin Arlin, James Fairbanks, Tim Hosgood, Evan Patterson
    Arxiv (2022)
    Details Preprint
  • A diagrammatic view of differential equations in physics
    Evan Patterson, Andrew Baas, Timothy Hosgood, James Fairbanks
    Mathematics in Engineering (2022)
    Details DOI Preprint
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Subproject: General Categorical Equations

Project Leader: Kevin Carlson at the Topos Institute

Diagrammatic Presentations of Equations


Decapodes has been supported by the following DARPA programs:
  • Automating Scientific Knolwedge Extraction
  • Directly Computable Models
  • Automating Scientific Knolwedge Extraction and Modeling