Algebraic Dynamics, Optimization, and Control


Model predictive control (MPC) is an optimal control technique which involves solving a sequence of constrained optimization problems across a given time horizon. We present a novel Julia library that leverages our theoretical results to automate the implementation of correct-by-construction MPC problems in software.

Project Team

Name Member Since Degree Program
Tyler Hanks 2021 PhD CISE
Samuel Cohen      
Richard Samuelson      
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Project Articles

  • Modeling Model Predictive Control: A Category Theoretic Framework for Multistage Control Problems
    Tyler Hanks, Baike She, Matthew Hale, Evan Patterson, Matthew Klawonn, James Fairbanks
    American Control Conference (2024)
    Details DOI URL Preprint
  • Generalized Gradient Descent is a Hypergraph Functor
    T Hanks, M. Klawonn, J. Fairbanks
    Applied Category Theory (2024)
  • A Compositional Framework for First-Order Optimization
    T. Hanks, M Klawonn, M Hale, E Patterson, JP Fairbanks
    arxiv (2024)
    Details DOI URL Preprint
  • Characterizing Compositionality of LQR from the Categorical Perspective
    Baike She, Tyler Hanks, James Fairbanks, Matthew Hale
    IEEE Conf. Decision and Control (2023)
    Details DOI URL Preprint
  • Typed and stratified models with slice categories
    S. Libkind (speaker), E. Patterson, A. Baas, M. Halter, J. Fairbanks
    Applied Category Theory 2022 (2022)
  • An Algebraic Framework for Structured Epidemic Modeling
    S. Libkind, A. Baas, M. Halter, E. Patterson, and J. P. Fairbanks
    Proc. of the Royal Society Phil. Trans. (2022)
    Details DOI URL
  • Operadic Modeling of Dynamical Systems: Mathematics and Computation
    S. Libkind, A. Baas, E. J. Patterson, J. P. Fairbanks
    Applied category Theory (Proceedings) (2021)
    Details URL
  • AlgebraicDynamics: Compositional dynamical systems
    S. Libkind, J. P. Fairbanks
    JuliaCon, Online (2021)
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AlgebraicOptimization and Control has been supported by the following programs:

  • NSF: Graduate Research Fellowship Program
  • ONR: Domain Transfer for Continuity of Performance
  • AFRL: Griffis Summer Internship Program