Our lab is supported by several sponsors, specifically the following US Federal Agencies.

Grants and Contracts

Our sponsors have supported the GATAS Lab and the AlgebraicJulia Ecosystem through the following projects.

Sponsor Title Amount Start Year End Year Primary Institution
ONR Domain Transfer for Continuity of Performance Across Synthetic Aperture Sonar 500K 2023 2026 UFL
ARO Machine Learning-based Sensor Fusion for Electro-optical and Infrared Target Detection 175K 2022 2023 Huntington-Ingalls
DARPA ASKEM: Generalized Algebraic Techniques Advancing Scientific Discovery 5.8M 2022 2025 UFL
DARPA Director’s Fellowship: Model Aware Scientific Computing 250K 2022 2023 UFL
DARPA Perceptual Task Guidance: ENKIx 4.8M 2022 2024 UFL
DARPA Young Faculty Award: Model Aware Scientific Computing 500K 2020 2022 GTRI
DARPA AIE: Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction Extended 700K 2020 2021 GTRI
DARPA Directly Computable Models: Generalized Algebraic Theories Enhancing Multiphysics 1M 2019 2021 GTRI
DARPA Artificial Social Intelligence for Successful Teams (ASIST) 400K 2019 2023 Gallup
ONR Extracting, Explaining, and Estimating Information in Sonar Data (E3ISD) 695K 2019 2022 GTRI
ONR Mine Counter-measures Situational Awareness 375K 2019 2021 GTRI
DARPA Artificial Intelligence Exporation: Automating Scientific Knowledge Extraction 1M 2018 2020 GTRI
NIJ Developing Novel Means of Evidence Collection 400K 2016 2018 GTRI
ONR Performance Estimation of Underwater Mine Counter-measures Operations 990K 2016 2019 GTRI
GTRI SI Multi-source Anticipatory Intelligence 900K 2016 2019 GTRI
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