AMMA 2024: Abstract Methods in Multivariate Algorithmics


AMMA 2024 is now postponed to 2025 due to international changes in the organizing committee


The Abstract Methods in Multivariate Algorithmics (AMMA) is an international workshop bringing together two mathematical communities: (1) researchers in parameterized (multivariate) complexity theory and (2) researchers in applied topology and category theory. The two communities share many core goals such as understanding compositional systems and compositional algorithms and the systematic confinement of emergent complexity (such as combinatorial explosion). The workshop will consist of a blend of invited and contributed talks as well as tutorials on parameterized complexity and applied category theory aiming to bridge the mathematical and linguistic gap between the two communities.

The topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Sheaves and dynamic programming

  • Well-quasi-ordering and encountered-instance algorithmic frameworks beyond worst-case analysis

  • Universal obstructions in graph structural width metrics and a general theory of such metrics

  • Abstract approaches to second-order Myhill-Nerode congruences and beyond

  • Diagram-completion paradigms in parameterized complexity such as solution diversity,

  • Transfer learning and dynamic input

  • General theories of purposeful kernelization

  • Parameterizing on quantization

  • Inductive gradients in parameterized algorithms

  • Problem-specific well quasi-ordering and functorial approaches to parameterized complexity classification

  • Abstract views of input normal forms such as graphs as lineal topologies

  • Abstract models of computation appropriate to truly linear FPT (O(n) + f(k)) algorithmics

  • Abstract models of graphs arising from data points plus metric knobs, and their natural decompositions.